Dear Beaucatcher House Residents:

Your Board met last evening and here is what we have tentatively come up with to be in compliance with NC state orders for public pools.

We are waiting for Governor Cooper to announce when or if we will move to Phase III, which is scheduled for early next week.  If phase II will be continuing, with no more limitations on pools, we are prepared to open with the restrictions listed below.  If we move to Phase III, we hope some of these restrictions will be lifted.

NC Restrictions:

  • 50% occupancy which would equal no more than 20 people within the pool area, and of those 20, no more than 8 in the pool at one time. Please be courteous during this time and shorten your stay if people are waiting to get in.
  • Social Distancing
  • Perform routine cleaning of high touch surfaces

HOA Restrictions:

  • Pool furniture will remain in storage but you are welcome to bring your own chairs, just please remove them when you leave. Bathrooms will remain locked.  (This will allow us to remain within our budget, as opposed to increasing the housekeeping line item by having to sanitize chairs after each use and include daily cleaning of the bathrooms).
  • Hours of operation will be 10:00am-8:00pm
  • Residents only, no guests at this time (We will adjust this as appropriate with any phase changes).
  • Spa will remain closed at this time

What many of you most likely do not realize is that Stephanie and I have been sanitizing the lobby doors and the elevator handrails and control pads twice a day and we will be doing the same thing with the gates to the pool and the handrail leading to it.  April has also volunteered to help with these duties so that we can remain within our budget. We are required by the state to keep a log of exactly what we are doing to help protect the residents.

We are going to need the cooperation of everyone to help make this a success and, therefore, allow the pool to remain open.

Susan Cobb, President, The Beaucatcher House